Cancion para dedicar a mama

Cancion para dedicar a mama

Mother’s love

Be a simple man.Take your time, don’t live too fast.Trouble will come, but it will pass.You’ll find a woman, yes, you’ll find love.And don’t forget, son, there’s someone up there.And be a simple guy.Be something you love and understand.Son, be a simple guy.Will you do this for me son, if you can?Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man
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Eternal love

Amor eterno – Juan GabrielThe most dedicated, remembered, sung, played and mourned song of this era. Juan Gabriel’s song of lamentation, after the death of his mother in 1974 when he was on tour in Acapulco. From this experience was born one of the most moving songs to dedicate to the mother who departed this world but lives in our hearts: “Y aunque tengo tranquila mi conciencia, yo sé que pude haber hecho yo más por ti.  Dark loneliness I am living, the same loneliness of your grave, mother…”.
Madre querida – Manuelcha PradoSong belonging to the album “Madre andina”, by the renowned guitarist Manuelcha Prado. The song was released as part of the album in 2007 and the lyrics were written by Virgilio Calle.  “Remember mother, there in heaven, of this your poor son, why do you allow him to cry so much in this world of falsehoods…?”
El retrato de mamá – Héctor Lavoe’El cantante’, besides being a salsa legend, did his thing with boleros. In 1979, under the production of Willie Colón and the sponsorship of Fania Records, he released the album “Recordando a Felipe Pirela”, a tribute to the Venezuelan bolero singer. From it comes the heartbreaking “El retrato de mamá”, a story of reprimand to a brother who denotes opulence but in his luxurious mansion does not even have a picture of his devoted mother, who sacrificed herself so that the ungrateful son could have studies. Not even, I spare you delicacy, to put in the house the portrait of mother.  From heaven, she sees you and forgives you, but I, who am your brother, cannot forgive you. And tell me, why among so many jewels, is the most expensive jewel missing?  Mom’s portrait…”

To this woman

Songs to dedicate to mom come in all tastes and genres, so if you’re looking for a special song for this May 10th, but not so corny, then we recommend Gloria Trevi’s A la madre. Everyone reminds me of you. They always send me to greet you. That’s why today I’m singing to my mother.
Moms are not only to be pampered on May 10, but all the time; so if you share this idea, you should dedicate Aunque no sea mayo by Gabriel Arriaga.this song expresses very well that we have to celebrate mom all the time.

I will love you all my life

Artists have sung on many occasions to their mothers. Some of these songs have become recognized, others fall into oblivion and are only remembered on special dates. On the occasion of Mother’s Day we rescue some of those who made songs honoring their mothers.
There are many singers, both nationally and internationally, who every day upload photos with their mothers, remember them or talk about them in interviews. Some of them went much further and took them to their songs.
2. Amaia Montero. “Te voy a decir una cosa” is one of the most remembered in this area of mother-daughter love. The Basque singer made this song to thank her mother for her support in her musical career.
3. Juan Grabriel. The Mexican artist sang “Amor eterno” in honor of his deceased mother. Originally performed by Rocío Durcal, it has become one of Juan Gabriel’s most representative songs.
5. Pastora Soler. Her mother is always present in the front row at the Sevillian singer’s concerts. Surely on more than one occasion she has been able to enjoy “Madre” live, a song made by and for her.