Frases de felicidad cortas para whatsapp

Frases de felicidad cortas para whatsapp

Happiness and joy images

Discover phrases of happiness and joy perfect for reflecting on how we should take life, not only in the day to day but also in the most difficult moments. We all need from time to time a good dose of joy, so in the following selection you will find phrases and images to stimulate more happy thoughts and change your mentality to be more optimistic.Take note, because we share with you 150 phrases of happiness and joy that will serve you to think or to share with your loved ones and get them a smile.Take note!
Short phrases of happiness like this one invite us to reflect on how we face obstacles; and is that sometimes, one’s strength lies in accepting situations and learning from them.We also want to recommend these Phrases of strength to inspire you to look at things differently.
Today, our statuses on WhatsApp and other social networks are key to bring a smile to others or share a message that seems relevant to us.In the following selection of short phrases of happiness for WhatsApp you will find some of the most beautiful quotes to motivate and inspire.

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Due to society’s conception of a happy life, many people do not know where to find their own well-being. Whether in the media, in education or in the same work environment, we are always told that happiness is in achieving socially accepted achievements, such as a nice car, a stable partner, children and a good job. It is possible that this really is our life goal, however, what happens when this is not the case? it is possible that we find it difficult to find happiness because we are looking for it in the wrong place and with an incorrect vision of the path. However, we must remember that we are the bosses of our life and we must take control of it. It is important to stop for a second and meditate on what really makes us happy and leave behind what society tells us we should do (taking into account the people around us, of course)It is also possible that we have a wrong conception of happiness based on a concept of joy and good experiences. Pleasure may be part of a happy life, but it is not everything. The key to knowing where happiness lies lies in the balance of the mind.

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WhatsApp also allows us to describe our status and, although most users only use it to inform where they are or availability, there are also many others who use this option to make people smile, think or provide information about themselves in a very special way.
With WhatsApp we can change our status often, depending on your mood or depending on what you want to say that day. To do this, we go to → Settings → Status → click on the pencil and enter the WhatsApp phrase that most represents us at that precise moment.
If you do not know what to write as a status, take a look at all the cute whatsapp phrases that we have compiled for you, you will surely find the one that suits you best. In a few seconds, you can have your personalized message as status.
Among the statuses you find below, there are also images with writing. Obviously, you can copy and use these phrases as you prefer. As a status, as a WhatsApp message or SMS, or on other social networks. Just select the text or image with phrase, copy and paste.


March 20, as we have already mentioned in previous posts, is the International Day of Happiness. We must seek to be happy without procrastinating. Let’s live today with joy. It is important to be happy with what you have.
“In Search of Happiness” is a beautiful and tender movie based on a true story, whose main protagonists are Will Smith and Jaden Smith, his real son, the same role they play in this film. Here you will find a few images of “The Pursuit of Happyness”, original title of the film.
One can decide to be happy in life, it depends on the attitude. From our blog we provide you with motivational images to be happy…..because being happy is good for your health! There is always time to find happiness.