Amazon prime 36 euros

Amazon prime 36 euros prime

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll want to sign up for an additional subscription called Kindle Unlimited (at €9.99 per month), which gives you access to a virtually infinite catalog of books.
For all gamers enrolled in Amazon Prime, the benefits include access to Twitch prime, an experience that includes bonus games and exclusive content embedded in the games, a subscription every month to use for free on any partner or affiliate channel, exclusive emoticons and a chat emblem.

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In the case that we do not have Amazon Prime, we can obviously buy in the ecommerce. However, we will have free shipping only at collection points for purchases under 19 euros, if they are books, or over 29 euros for any type of product, also at collection points. The standard shipping, in three working days, is the one that with the above conditions will be free, as well as the economic shipping for those who meet the above conditions, exactly the same. We will also have free pre-sale product purchases, which will arrive at home between 4 and 5 working days; and if we want express shipping, from 1 to 4 days, you have to go through checkout in any case.
If we divide the annual fee of Amazon Prime, which is now 36 euros between the cost per shipment, we will find from which order is ‘profitable’. In some cases we must consider the price difference between Prime and ‘non-Prime’, since delivery today, for example, has a cost even if we are Prime, but it is subtly lower. Obviously, in all cases it has been rounded up, as it will be ‘cheap’ from a certain order, including the same. From there, downwards, we will be losing some money if we are Prime, with respect to the cost that we would have to assume not being subscribers of the service.

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Since 2009, Amazon has also been selling products such as notebook cases, batteries, and computer and audio/video cables under its house brand AmazonBasics. Since May 2009, Amazon has operated a publishing company, Amazon Publishing.
On April 4, 2019, it was announced that Amazon is developing a constellation of communications satellites under the name Project Kuiper. The online magazine Geekwire calculated a total of 3236 satellites based on approval documents.[186]
In April 2021, an attempt to establish workplace union representation at an Amazon plant for the first time in the United States failed in Alabama. The plan, which attracted considerable international interest, failed, with the no camp winning a clear majority.[243]
The product tester program Amazon Vine faces various criticisms. For example, Amazon is accused of wanting to generate primarily positive reviews by means of giving products to the tester community free of charge.[148]

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Kunden in Polen können ab heute auf einkaufen, mit niedrigen Preisen für mehr als 100 Millionen Produkte in mehr als 30 Kategorien und zuverlässiger, kostenloser Lieferung für berechtigte Bestellungen. Kunden können bei Tausenden von europäischen und lokalen polnischen Unternehmen einkaufen.
Rubén Heras ist ein Amazon-Mitarbeiter, der seinen Job im Logistikzentrum in Barcelona mit seinem Projekt Flamenco Queer verbindet. Bei der Verfolgung seines Traums, Flamenco-Tänzer zu sein, hat er viele Geschlechterbarrieren niedergerissen und ist zu einem Verfechter der Rechte von LGTBIQ+ geworden. Er ist einer der Gewinner der Amazon Stars-Initiative, die die Talente unter den Mitarbeitern des Unternehmens fördert.
Das neueste Fulfillment Center im römischen Vorort Colleferro ist das sechste Fulfillment Center, das Amazon in Italien eröffnet hat und mit der ersten Lieferung von Kaffeekapseln startete. Der neue Amazon-Standort verspricht, innerhalb von drei Jahren bis zu 500 neue Vollzeitarbeitsplätze zu schaffen.