David amor pareja

David amor pareja

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David Amor is a monologuist and actor from Pontevedra who did not intend to make people laugh, but to be a professional handball player. However, at one point in his life, humor crossed his path… and he ended up giving laughs in bars, television and theaters.
He began his career as a humorist in the program O rei da comedia and from there he went on to Super-martes, Luar, A terra dos proxidios, O programón… on Galician television. He even created his own show, Supermaster.
With this experience David Amor took the decision to apply for the casting of the Club del Chiste, and he must have done something right because they took him and he began to work with great artists such as Leo Harlem and Martina Klein. With the former he even created a show, Pasa a tomar un café cuando quieras…, with which they performed in theaters all over the country.
In 1999 David entered a beauty contest, and was awarded a prize, “Mr. Congeniality”. This fact, in spite of its cruelty (it is like asking for a possible partner and being told that she is very nice, that is to say, nothing), does not make David lose heart, and he decides to redirect his career.

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He is one of the pillars of the comic strip “Gym Tony”, where he plays the muscular Tito, and has his own show at the Teatro Compac Gran Vía in Madrid. And although he loves to make people laugh, he wants to show his dramatic side in the movies and in another series, “Narcos”.
My mother, who is very modern and has an unconditional love for her family. And apart from her, I like feminine women, with curves and who know how to wear them with taste and elegance.
Your weapons of seduction: As women always say they like men who make them laugh, I clown around a lot (laughs). But I think it’s a big lie because, if not, Arevalo would be swollen?
How do you define your style: “Desperate lazy. I like coats and wearing a suit and a bow tie, which I tie myself, and although I combine badly, I let myself be advised. And as I have a 48 foot, it’s hard for me to find shoes, so I wear sneakers.
What makes you laugh a lot? Some comedians like Les Luthiers. Laughing is my philosophy of life and I think there are few moments when you have to be serious. People who are too serious sometimes seem ridiculous to me.

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Undoubtedly, the final gala was a very special moment for them: David was the winner of the season and, although there was no live kiss in the style of Íker Casillas and Sara Carbonero in the World Cup in South Africa, the rumors were already starting.
Although for the moment David Bustamante and Yana Olina have no wedding plans (and who knows if they have children), the couple has been in the news again these days because of their move. The singer and the dancer have left the apartment in Pozuelo de Alarcón where they lived, which is where David moved to when he separated from Paula, to start a new life in an impressive villa in Boadilla del Monte, a nearby town, also in Madrid.