Fotoprix la vaguada

Fotoprix la vaguada

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Very unhappy with the lack of attention we received, on March 16 we sent a magazine to be edited and picked up at a delivery point. As of today, May 24, we have no news of it. We know that there are problems due to the current situation, but it is unacceptable that the delivery store is open (in all this time of confinement, it has never been closed), they have not sent it and we have not received a single message with the delivery forecast.
A great experience, a very kind treatment and services of ten. I made a lot of photo albums with them and I am very happy. Everything works well, although the software can be improved. The album is made with great care, the delivery is incredibly fast, the employees very attentive and friendly. I love this company!

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Just when I was organizing this idea in my head I discovered FotoPrix and seeing the possibilities they offer when it comes to printing photos, I thought of an uncomplicated idea that would give some grace to my kitchen that was just as bland as when we landed in it.
I also loved the calendar made with photos. I chose from some trips we have made in the corresponding months and I think it will be the next gift I will give to my abuelichi Teresa… ♥ 12 photos of moments with her grandchildren… Oops, right for sure!
I think it has turned out very well for the little it has cost me, right? Besides, as they are photos and it is neither too expensive nor at all difficult to assemble, I can always change them when I get bored and go making compositions with different themes… I don’t know, I can also think of some ideas to propose to friends and family…
I hope you like it! I’ll tell you that I went to pick up my photos at the new FotoPrix store in La Vaguada shopping center, the store is really cool with a totally new concept but the best, best, best of all is that you can also order through the web and from the couch so, I will do it next time ->

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“There are now two options for Fotoprix, which once had 300 stores and 700 employees: sale, probably partial, or closure, which would affect its current 140 employees. Some of the company’s assets already generated interest during the previous insolvency proceedings, but it would be difficult to sell the entire company,” reports Economía Digital.
His extremely personalistic management did not make his path any easier. A very reserved character, he was also unable to avoid the pressure of the headlines when he was involved in a millionaire divorce with his second wife.

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Madrid and Barcelona will be the communities that will take the most selfies that night, accounting for 40% of all the selfies that will be taken that night, about two and a half million. Andalusia and Valencia are the next and it is estimated that they will make 15% and 12%, nine hundred and seven hundred and twenty thousand, respectively.
Although most of these ‘selfies’, 85%, will be shared on social networks, the report indicates that approximately 30% of them will be used to make digital albums of memory and other personalized reminders of such a special night.
And it is that approximately 30% of the ‘selfies’ will be used to make digital albums through the Internet and then sent in print, also for mugs, pictures, t-shirts or key chains and only 5% will be developed in the traditional process by making paper copies.
Finally, the Fotoprix report indicates that on average each of the people who take a ‘selfie’ on New Year’s Eve will take at least four photographs of this type at different times of the night.