Ies alarnes getafe

Ies alarnes getafe

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Improvement Plan Collection of needs and expectations Improvement Plan for conflict resolution through mediation Improvement Plan for the end-of-year cultural trip for the 4th year of ESO.
MANAGEMENT AND REVIEW OF PROCESSES Student satisfaction survey. Teaching staff satisfaction survey. Collection of objective satisfaction data. Internal communication. External communication. Extracurricular activities. Job vacancies. Guards. Suggestions, complaints and claims. Students in accidents. Control and sanction of non-compliance with rules of conduct.

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…companies dedicated to technical inspection. Also for the manufacture, sale and marketing of testing equipment, diagnosis and spare parts for… Learn about: Driving license, Railway maintenance…
…companies dedicated to technical inspection. Also for the manufacture, sale and marketing of testing equipment, diagnosis and spare parts of… Learn about: Driving license, Railway maintenance…
…To carry out the repair of steel, cast iron, light alloy and synthetic materials elements. Replace fixed vehicle elements totally or partially…. Learn about: Sheet metal and paint…
…English. Human resources management. Financial management. Accounting and taxation. Logistics and commercial management. Business simulation. Business project… Learn about: Business documentation, Customer service, Recruitment of personnel…

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What does it mean? To respect and express what you need, feel and think and act accordingly, without passivity or aggressiveness. It is a conscious, congruent, clear, direct and balanced form of expression.
FIFTH GRADE – UNIT 1 – SESSION 07 Is it possible to live together without conflicts? Are conflicts negative? Remember that conflicts are situations that occur because of the same coexistence between people.
THE INTERVIEW DEFINITION: The interview is a situation of dynamic interaction by means, above all, of language between two people (interviewer and interviewee) in which there is an exchange of ideas.
THE ANATOLE PIKAS METHOD Treatment of harassment. Data collected from I. Fernández Prevención de la Violencia y Resolución de Conflictos. El clima Escolar Como Factor de Calidad. Narcea, 1998 1 An attempt is made to
Fourth Grade – Unit 2 – Session 10 We recognize our strengths and difficulties What do we use language for when participating in dialogues? We use oral language when we participate in dialogues to express


IES Alarnes will participate in Haas Technical Education (HTEC), a pioneering program that will allow more than 400 students of Mechanical Manufacturing Vocational Training to access the most innovative technology to develop their studies.
The program will be launched this January so that next school year it can be fully implemented in the center. Haas Automation, creator of HTEC, is the largest machine tool manufacturer in the western world and produces a complete range of machining centers, lathes and other special machines.