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Indautxu; Gregorio La Revilla 22; Urrutia 1; Gregorio La Revilla 17; Iparraguirre (42) / Bizkaia Pl.; Bizkaia Plaza (186); Urquijo 68; Gran Vía 45 (Sota) (169); Gran Vía 46 (Sota) (607); Gran Vía 43; Sabino Arana.
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K-tuin palma

K-Tuin, an important technological chain specialized in Apple products, celebrates its twentieth anniversary starting today and for three days with succulent discounts on Apple devices and products.
It is not the first time that K-Tuin surprises us with succulent discounts. During the last Black Friday was perhaps who offered better deals, as we could tell you in our Applelizados special article. Now the offers are quite similar.
The mechanics chosen on this occasion is quite similar to the promotions made by the French chain FNac, a combination of direct discount along with «K-Tuin money» that you can use to reduce the price of other products you buy in the store.

K-tuin barcelona

I was thinking of going to this store this weekend to buy some iphone accessories, but after reading a few comments about this store and now yours, I consider not stepping on their floor directly. Errors have to anyone, of course, but what can not be tolerated is a poor and miserable treatment to the customer.
If it’s any advice, you’d better get your money back, if you want to buy lenses for your camera, which lens is it by the way? take my advice and go to LaQuiuz, scandalous prices and equally excellent quality, that’s where I bought the lens for my EOS550. There was another pretty good store, but I don’t remember its name, it’s in a shopping center, I think it’s in Plaza Norte if I remember correctly.