La pepita lugo

La pepita lugo

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The movements in the hospitality sector in Lugo are constant and this Friday saw the landing in the city of a new brand, La Pepita. The firm, which opened in a first floor of Bispo Aguirre, is a gourmet hamburger restaurant that has 13 establishments in Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Cantabria, the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands.
There is another chain that is preparing to land in the capital of Lugo. This is the case of Sibuya, a group also with great expansion throughout the country and is focused on offering Japanese cuisine. In Lugo it has been preparing for some time the premises it will occupy, one of the most spacious in Praza do Campo.
Among the most immediate projects is the opening in San Pedro of a new establishment in the place formerly occupied by La Encina. It is expected to open on Thursday of next week, under the management of Eduri and its partner in A Caseta da Barra.

Luis perico ortiz – fefita

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Pepita greu

This is one of those articles that I am pleased to edit, not only because I have tasted again their succulent burgers, but also because in Oviedo now we are lucky to have one of their restaurants and they already have 10 locations.
Such an event could not wait and the day after its opening, on February 17 as a delayed Valentine’s Day, I fell in love again. I was missing a decent photo of the exterior of the premises and I was delayed in editing.
The chosen location maintains the aesthetics and is more pleasant than the one in Oporto street in Vigo, the touches of green nature make it very attractive and the distribution of the tables by configuration of the premises, give it more movement. It is also located on the Ruta de los Vinos, a very convenient location and an alternative to the bustling streets Manuel Pedregal and Campoamor.
Eating a good burger like those of La Pepita requires quality standards that I am grateful they do not have delivery service, instead if we can make a take away and the responsibility of where and how long it takes to eat the burger, rests with the customer.

Pepita greus, pasodoble – begoña acordeon

The classic hamburger recipe should have lettuce, tomato, onion and a good piece of meat between two buns. However, there are some who prefer it without cheese or with bacon and others who are vegan or vegetarian and opt for ingredients such as hummus or fish.
This place offers gourmet hamburgers of various types. The meat can be veal, beef or pork, although there is also the possibility of ordering a chicken or vegetable burger. Prices range from 7 to 9 euros, but the portion of fries is charged separately.
The gourmet beef burgers are available in more than 15 preparations and can be beef, veal or chicken. However, vegans also have a place here, with a choice of a veggie or tofu burger.
At Uptown Burgers they personally take care of the whole process of elaboration: the choice of the best pieces, the daily mincing, the spicing and boleado before being cooked. Their burgers are 100% handmade and made with Galician meat.