Land rover madrid

Land rover madrid

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The British firm itself has emphasized that the systems and driving aids of its vehicles, designed to be enjoyed in complete safety, whatever the terrain conditions, will now be applied to a new mission of solidarity: «to reverse the alarming situation caused by the snowfall.
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Land Rover is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of off-road and 4×4 vehicles. Land Rover cars have off-road performance that far exceeds that of its competitors, even in the SUV segment, where they have achieved great success with the Range Rover Evoque.
Land Rover belongs to the parent company Jaguar Land Rover -sharing management, engineers, technology, engines, etc.- and is owned by the Indian industrial group TATA Motors, which continues to invest capital to make this British firm one of the most prestigious at international level.
The first Land Rover was born in 1948, in the middle of the post-war period. The extinct Rover launched the first Land Rover model – the Series 1 – using the chassis of a JEEP Willys. It was so successful that today it is still a sales leader, now under the name of Land Rover Defender.

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Cruise control, Bluetooth, Parking assistance sensors, Navigation system (GPS), ISOFIX, Anti-dazzle rearview mirror, On-board computer, 4WD, Rain sensor, Tinted windows, Tire pressure control, …
Leather upholstery, Parking sensors, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Sunroof, On-board computer, Power steering, 4WD, Tire pressure control, Automatic light sensor, Headlamp washers, Rearview mirror, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Sunroof, Power steering,…
Cruise control, Bluetooth, Parking assistance sensors, Navigation system (GPS), Central locking, Rear armrest, Multifunction steering wheel, Leather steering wheel, Power windows, Power steering, On-board computer, Cruise control, Parking assistance sensors, Parking assistance sensors, Power…
Parking assistance sensors, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Leather upholstery, Navigation system (GPS), ISOFIX, Anti-dazzle rearview mirror, Power steering, 4WD, Rain sensor, Electronic tire pressure control, Power steering, Power steering, Tire pressure control, …

Land rover evoque

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