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The variety, quality, price of our products and services, and the ability to adapt to every need have made them market leaders in home improvement, nationwide.
Our store Vidanova Parc offers its services in: products on request, transportation, extended warranty, installation and renovation, financing, products to your needs and the commitment we make in quality, minimum price assured, advice and satisfaction guaranteed.

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Leroy Merlin has inaugurated today its new store in Sagunto, located in the Vidanova Parc Shopping Park. The opening of this new point of sale has involved an investment of 20 million euros, in addition, has a commercial area of more than 8.900m2. This opening has meant the creation of 120 direct jobs, mostly from Sagunto and nearby municipalities. Leroy Merlin is committed to the creation of quality employment and in this line, 67% of the store’s team has a permanent contract.

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We can also talk at this point about the consideration of stores in shopping centers, is it true, both in a shopping center and in a shopping street you can achieve this goal, which would be to sell to the maximum. The main difference would be that shopping centers contribute to a protected environment, which can be attractive on rainy days or hot/cold days outside, in which the streets are affected in their commercial activity in a very negative way. Therefore, in areas with extreme climatology, shopping malls become a good protection for shoppers.

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As a stocker you will be responsible, together with the store sales team, for keeping the shelves clean, full, marked and safe to ensure an optimal experience for the people passing through the store.  With your actions, you will ensure the good condition of the store at the time of opening or end of their day, helping to ensure the necessary stock to meet customer demand.
Train and develop yourself in a multinational company. You will find a great working environment and you will have the autonomy to decide and act, being able to participate in decision-making and cross-functional projects.