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Top of the list is Egypt’s Mohammes Elshorbagy, followed by France’s Gregory Gaultier and Amr Shabana, who improved one position ahead of Nick Matthew, who ranked fourth.
Among the most important tournaments throughout his career are:WORLD OPEN GRAND SLAMCairo – 2006 Qatar – 2007, 2008, 2011, 2013Bermuda – 2007 Kuwait – 2007, 2011, 2012Manchester – 2008, 2013 Saudi Arabia – 2008, 2010Kuwait – 2009 Hong Kong – 2009, 2012Saudi Arabia – 2010 New York – 2006 to 2014Qatar – 2012, 2014 Virginia – 2009, 2012Philadelphia – 2011, 2012SUMMARY OF RESULTSUp to December 2014: Professional tournaments played: 121Games played: 307Games won: 211Defeats: 96Vice championships: 9PSA titles: 25.

Mates con miguel ángel rodríguez

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Forero (nacido el 20 de diciembre de 1985 en Bogotá), conocido como Miguel Rodríguez, es un jugador profesional de squash masculino que representa a Colombia. En junio de 2015 alcanzó la mejor clasificación mundial de su carrera, el número 4 del mundo[1].
Rodríguez nació en Bogotá, Colombia. Se inició en el squash a la edad de 2 años gracias a su padre Ángel, antiguo jugador profesional de squash. Jugó principalmente en el Club El Nogal de Bógota. Miguel asistió al colegio Calasanz, donde también jugó al fútbol y al tenis de mesa. Su logro más significativo como júnior es haber ganado el US Junior Open y el Canadian Junior Open en categoría masculina sub 19 durante dos años consecutivos, en 2003 y 2004. A continuación, Rodríguez comenzó su carrera profesional en el squash, y vio su primer título del PSA World Tour en noviembre de 2005 a la edad de 19 años[2].
El 20 de mayo de 2018, ganó el British Open Squash Championships 2018 en Hull, Inglaterra, venciendo al egipcio Mohamed El Shorbagy en un emocionante partido de 5 juegos para convertirse en el primer hombre de Colombia, y más ampliamente de Sudamérica, en ganar el codiciado título del British Open.

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The delivery of paintings was closed at six o’clock in the afternoon so that the jury, formed by Mar Palacio, Pablo Cuarel and Claudia García, chose the three first prizes and the second prizes valuing the bases of the contest, the plastic and pictorial resources used and the ability to capture the landscape in essence.
On the other hand, the jury decided to give a special mention to the philosophy teacher of the institute Bergidum Flavium, Francisco Mate. All the works submitted to the contest were exhibited in the Plaza Mayor.
The jury was formed by Mar Palacio Bango, Pablo Caurel Abad, and Claudia García García. In order to choose the winners, the pictorial and plastic resources used were valued in addition to the ability to capture the landscape in essence: the imprint and freshness. The jury also decided to award a special mention to the painting by Francisco Mate for its strength and plasticity.
The painter from Ponferrada, Jorge Solana, has received International Recognition through the Cultural Association OCBAL (Cultural Organization Brazil Latin America) for his career and artistic relevance, within its awards to artists «Emerging 2021». This organization is an entity focused on cultural and artistic projects, having its headquarters in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

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The city of San Fernando (Cádiz) is recovering the bodies of people repressed by the Franco regime who were buried in mass graves in the cemetery. This initiative has started from the Association for the Recovery of Democratic, Social and Political Memory of San Fernando (AMEDE), which has been working on this project since 2016. This entity has already taken some DNA samples from elderly relatives at the risk of death, while the competent body of the Andalusian administration was responsible for getting the kits for sampling to relatives residing outside the province until then contacted by the association and whose samples were sent to laboratories in Granada. Simultaneously, the technicians of this association of relatives have proceeded to extract bone tissue samples from more than one hundred exhumed bodies compatible with those who were repressed by the military coup. In this way, the association is making progress in the identification of the bodies buried in the different mass graves that have been completely excavated or are in the process of being excavated since this project.