Col·legi treball social

Col·legi treball social

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The social worker and university professor Javier Ferrer radiography in this release the most bloody situations of refugees throughout the world and the role of social workers in the process of receptionsee more
The Castellón college analyzes in the meeting with María José Pérez together with their counterparts from Valencia and Alicante the recently presented Pla Convivint de Infraestructuras de Servicios Socialessee more
The Col-legi de Treball Social joins the IV Setmana de la Mediació de la Comunitat Valenciana, which also notes a significant increase in the refusals of the parties to participate in this alternative system of conflict resolutionsee more

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It also warns that making social reports as a way of transferring responsibilities and tasks that do not correspond directly to Social Services, «jeopardizes the work carried out by Primary Care Social Services with their users, since it implies the granting or not of aid by issuing a certificate of a situation that can not be documented, which leads to a deterioration in the relationship with the user and the work done with families».
The Castellón school argues that the starting point is to understand that people are responsible for their actions «and it is they themselves who have to verify their personal situation». If this cannot be documented, «they will have to make a sworn statement of their situation, as is done in other Social Security benefits, such as non-contributory pensions, where the user signs a certificate annually giving an account of their situation».

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The students of GA2A, with the teachers Maica Aparicio and Silvana Ribelles, have made a curricular trip to Parc del Francolí to carry out a lunch activity of the company Desk-Tgn, S.L.,…
Miriam Vendrell, director of the school El Sarraí of Bellmunt del Priorat, came on Thursday 20th of May to collect computers for the ZER of that region that our institute donates through the project…
Specialization Course in Cybersecurity in Information Technology Environments Course with afternoon schedule from Monday to Friday from 16:00 h. Places available:…
The 2nd year students of CFGFS of Social Integration have attended a lecture on school mediation by the responsible teacher and 6 students of the Mediation Service of the Antoni Marti Institute….
On March 17, 2021, three students of 2nd year of high school, Ana Fernández Nicolás, Carla Tejada Lorenzo and Isabel Claudia Ungureanu participated, in a virtual way, in the local test of the school medi…

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The Unió Espanyola de Cooperatives d’Ensenyament (UECoE) and Grup Cooperatiu Cajamar have awarded the prizes of the contest «Emprenem. Promotion of cooperative entrepreneurship at school». The award ceremony took place during the celebration of the International Cooperatives Day, organized by the Federation of Cooperatives and Social Economy – FECOMA, which took place last Saturday at the Town Hall of Gola dels Montes (Madrid).
The manager of UECoE, Concepción Castarlenas, and the Commercial and Social Economy Director of Cajamar, Sergio García, were in charge of presenting the contest and awarding the prizes to the representatives of the Cooperative of Education COENZA – Col-legi Don Bosco of Saragossa; the CCEE Luis Pastor of Motril; and CES Samaniego of Alcantarilla. The award ceremony was also attended by the president of UECoE, Javier Martínez Cuaresma, the director of the School of Cooperative Studies and member of the jury, Gustavo Lejarriaga, and the president of FECOMA, Carlos de la Figuera.