Consell comarcal del valles oriental

Consell comarcal del valles oriental

Vallès orientalmunicipality in spain

The plenary, held on Wednesday night, approved the motion presented by ERC to join the AMI. A total of 23 municipalities in the region are already part of it. The AMI is the association promoted by the Ajuntament de Vic that works «for the achievement of the own state». Its aims are, among others, «to make citizens aware of the need for Catalonia to be able to exercise the right to self-determination».
Similarly, it also plans to create a network of external promotion in the countries of the European Union, to promote the financing of municipalities, and to seek synergies in other areas such as business or finance.

Consell comarcal del valles oriental 2021

The management of school and adapted transportation -106 routes that transport close to 2,000 users daily-, the management of lunchroom scholarships -3. 972 grants awarded this year-, the home care service -450 files in progress corresponding to 20 town councils in the basic area where we provide services-, employment policies -right now there are five programs underway with which we intend to provide temporary jobs to 220 unemployed people in the region, 60 are already working-, the child and adolescent care service, the consumer office and the management of environmental activity licenses.

Consell comarcal valles occidental

The different social services of the town councils attached to the Consell Comarcal use the Jano system for the identification and study of the requests for social services that people demand. These service proposals, once they have been granted, are derived to the companies and entities that develop them, all through the electronic file generated in Jano. Each party visualizes and accesses the information and the specific and concrete functions over which it has the capacity to decide and act.

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Handling, access control, cleaning, gardening maintenance, packaging, warehouse operators… We have dozens of professional people 100% committed to their work who are waiting for an opportunity to prove it.
Social ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility is an innovative model of corporate management based on responsible criteria that aims to increase competitiveness and promote sustainable development, while contributing to build a better society.