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ACTUALIDADEl Consorcio de Aguas de Fuerteventura approves a budget of almost 15.5 millionThe agency is committed to «give more prominence to the municipalities in the management and planning of water policy».
Sixty percent of the ownership of this agency belongs to the Island Council of Fuerteventura and 40 percent is divided among the six municipalities according to territory and population.
«We are immersed in a deep transformation of the water supply policy to increase and decentralize the production and that will undoubtedly improve the infrastructures and guarantee the supply for the next decades», he concluded.

Cabildo de fuerteventura

A failure in the impulsion pipe to the main storage tank of the Water Supply Consortium of Fuerteventura (CAAF), located in La Hondura, will leave hundreds of homes without water supply for at least five or six days in the areas of La Oliva, Cotillo, Tindaya, Puerto del Rosario and other areas in the center of the island.
The CAAF workers have been working on the repair of the aforementioned damage since Saturday night, when the breaks occurred, affecting different sections of this pipe. As it is a fiber network, the pipe needs time to dry before full restoration of service.
Yesterday, CAAF workers intensified their work to repair the damage in the above-mentioned impulsion network. Once fixed, it will take between 12 and 16 hours to dry the pipeline, then three days to refill the pipes, remove the air and begin the recovery of water levels to start the impulsion from the desalination plant to the affected storage tanks.

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B.O.C. 17-Apr-2008. ORDER of 19 March 2008, approving the modification of the minimum monthly consumption of the tariff for water supply in high, for its application on the island of Fuerteventura, at the request of the Consortium of Water Supply to Fuerteventura – Expte. nºP3/2008-LP.
B.O.C. 18-Aug-2004. ORDER of 19 July 2004, approving the agricultural tariff of the water supply service requested by the Consorcio de Abastecimiento de Aguas a Fuerteventura – Expte. nº 10/04-LP.
ORDER of March 28, 2011, approving the modification of the tariffs of the municipal service of drinking water supply, for its application in various areas of the municipality of Antigua.

Consorcio aguas fuerteventura del momento

The Board of the Water Supply Consortium of Fuerteventura proceeded to the final approval of the new Statutes of CAAF unanimously, which allow to obtain a new distribution model to ensure water supply in all municipalities of Fuerteventura.
The new Statutes are thus approved after the incorporation of the amendments requested by the municipalities of Tuineje and Pájara, which had not received a response in the last legislature after being sent to the Island Council and the Water Supply Consortium of Fuerteventura.
Also, the management of CAAF is created in order to provide a solution from a technical perspective to the problems of water supply, giving a coordinated response to the existing needs in the provision of the service.
The Consortium aims, in this context, to articulate the planning, cooperation and coordination between the various administrations that make it up in order to optimize the management of the integrated water cycle, which includes the basis of a new model of decentralized drinking water supply, considering the autonomy in the production of different areas of the island.