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In order to prevent possible fraudulent use, Belgian identity documents can be blocked by telephone via Doc Stop. This can be done by calling the free number: 0032 (0)2 518 21 23.
Passports and identity cards whose holders have reported them lost or stolen cannot, under any circumstances, be used again if they are found. These documents are in fact internationally seized and their holders run the risk of encountering difficulties when they travel. Have the recovered document destroyed at the Belgian municipality where you are registered or at the nearest Consulate!


MADRID – This Monday, June 24, all of the Netherlands is experiencing a 112 outage that makes it difficult for police, emergency services and emergency rooms to contact each other and prevents citizens from calling the 112 number. While trying to figure out where this problem comes from there is an alternative phone number (088-6628240). But what about in Spain, how is 112 regulated in the southern European country.
Besides the police, you can also reach the fire department and its various departments, rescue teams and the Civil Guard or Protección Civil. All these services work together when it comes to emergencies where citizens and tourists within Spain can call the 112 (often referred to as 1.1.2.) for free.
The telephone exchanges are regulated by the different autonomous regions so there are many different exchanges in the regions that work together nationwide. The 112 services have as umbrella organization the DGPCE (Directorate General of Civil Protection and Emergencies) that takes care of the guidelines and national organization.

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It is not always necessary to apply for an emergency document (or replacement travel document). Read on the page Passport or ID card lost or stolen what you can do in your situation.Need an emergency document? Send an e-mail
Next, the embassy or consulate requests permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This permission is needed to issue the document you need and is done after receiving your email. Getting permission takes an average of 1 to 3 business days.
Did you not send a scan of your missing passport or ID card? Then the Ministry will check your data with the municipality or the authority where you applied for your passport or ID card. Verification of your data is only possible on working days. This may cause the permission to take longer.
The embassy or consulate will contact you to discuss where and when you can apply for the emergency document. What documents do you need for the application?
Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decide that you need a new passport or ID card? For example, because the country to which you are travelling does not accept a Dutch laissez-passer or emergency passport? If so, the application will take longer.Applying for an emergency document in this country or region

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If you run into unexpected problems during your vacation in Spain, it is very useful to know who to call or on which website you can find the addresses and necessary information or where you might go.  Here you will find all the important telephone numbers of Spain, websites and information of all the important services for emergencies in Spain.
Looking for important phone number(s) or other important information about Spain, here you will find from Dutch Embassy to Belgian Embassy, consulate, emergency number, help abroad, holidays and events, transportation, 24-hour pharmacies, 24-hour veterinarian, help on the road, funeral assistance, Red Cross / Cruz Roja to abuse / domestic violence you will find it all here. Phone numbers, Website’s if necessary with addresses.
Have you lost your passport or has it been stolen? Your bag stolen with everything in it that is important to you? Or other problems on vacation in Spain? We have the important phone numbers, websites and where necessary addresses for you neatly in a row.