Oposiciones consorcio bomberos valencia

Oposiciones consorcio bomberos valencia

Oposiciones ayuntamiento valencia

c. To have sufficient functional and psychophysical capacity to perform the duties assigned to the positions linked to the position subject to the call in the City Council Job List. It will be understood that he/she does not suffer from illness or psychological or physical defect that prevents the exercise of the corresponding tasks when he/she is able to pass the psycho-technical and medical scales provided for in the call.
f. To be in possession of a class C driving license with the associated E and the authorization to drive priority transport vehicles (BTP) or driving license that replaces it or enables driving this type of vehicle, in accordance with the regulations in force on the matter, or in a position to obtain it on the date on which the deadline for submission of applications ends.

Civil service examinations in valencia

Many people think that with an administrative training it is difficult to have a quality job. They are wrong. Local corporations annually take out a large number of administrative positions, and what is of higher quality than a civil servant job?
Now you have the opportunity to get a permanent position in your locality with a preparation for the local corporation administrative exams.  With a good training and a solid preparation for the Local Corporations Administrative, you will be guaranteed to pass the C level exams of City Councils, Provincial Councils and Autonomous Governments.

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Once the competitive examination phase has begun, the marks obtained by the participants in each of the exercises, together with the date, time and place of the next exercise, will be posted on the notice board and on the Consortium’s web page, summoning only those candidates who have passed the exercise to the next one. It will be necessary to pass each eliminatory exercise in order to move on to the next one.
The total qualification of the competitive examination phase will be determined by the sum of the scores obtained in each qualifying exercise and will only be given to those candidates who have passed all the eliminatory exercises and completed all the compulsory exercises, except if they are exempt or exempted from the same as indicated in these Conditions.
During the course, the participants will be appointed as trainee civil servants of the Consortium. If they do not pass the first editions of either of the two phases, they shall cease to be civil servant trainees, and shall be appointed again when they join the next edition.

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The theoretical tests are essential for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the profession. The same regulation mentioned for the physical tests also established a series of topics for the entire field in Valencia:
Since there is a lot of information and you are going to need many hours to learn it, we recommend that you go through the article on how to memorize fast. This will speed up your study sessions and you will be ready for the final exam long before your competition.
Now that you have seen the exams you are interested in and you have an idea of what your competitive exams in Valencia will be like, do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of theory?