Registro civil alcala de guadaira

Registro civil alcala de guadaira

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Online procedures and formalities with the Civil Registry of Alcala De Guadaira, Civil Registry Office: obtain all the certificates as well as schedules and information such as telephone and address of the Civil Registry of Alcala De Guadaira, Civil Registry Office.
Request a Birth Certificate to obtain an official document that attests to the fact of birth, date of birth, sex and, if applicable, the time of birth and parentage of the registrant.
Our Civil Registry Directory will allow you to carry out online all the procedures and formalities with the Civil Registry of Alcala De Guadaira, Civil Registry Office quickly and easily. You will be able to request birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates.

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There is also the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, so that citizens can easily apply online for the documents they need and check the status of their application.
The issuance of the certificate of criminal record corresponds to the Ministry of Justice, and this document reflects whether or not the citizen in question has a criminal record in the nation.
Men also have the opportunity to take paternity leave when their child is born, which is a right that the company must comply with. It is important to highlight that in the case of being an independent or self-employed worker it is not necessary to apply for this leave.
In order to obtain the paternity certificate in the company it is necessary for the father to present the Family Book and his ID card; usually this certificate is processed by the human resources personnel, so it is preferable that he gives advance notice that he is planning to go to the company to pick it up.

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The certificates issued by the Civil Registry are the official document that certifies in a reliable way the registered facts. Due to this and to the changes that may occur in the registry entries, these certificates have a practical validity of 3 months.
For birth, marriage or death registrations it is necessary to go in person, for the request of birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates, it can be done in person or remotely.
For face-to-face procedures you may have to make an appointment or there may be specific days and times for what you want, so we recommend that you find out in person about these limitations or make your request remotely whenever possible.
If you need to request a certificate from the Civil Registry of Alcalá de Guadaíra you can do it through our website, avoiding travel, waste of time and with a professional management. Through the online service you can request birth certificates,

Ayuntamiento alcalá de guadaíra

Alcalá de Guadaíra (pronunciación española: [alkaˈla ðe ɣwaˈðajɾa]) es una ciudad situada a unos 17 km al sureste de Sevilla, España; en los últimos años la expansión de Sevilla ha hecho que Alcalá se convierta en un suburbio de dicha ciudad. Alcalá era conocida como Alcalá de los Panaderos porque proveía la mayor parte del pan de Sevilla[2] La ciudad está situada a orillas del río Guadaíra, y todavía se pueden encontrar en la zona molinos de agua construidos durante la época árabe de España.
Alcalá de Guadaíra estuvo bajo el dominio de múltiples reinos musulmanes desde el califato omeya en el año 756 hasta la caída de los almohades en 1244. Fueron los almohades quienes construyeron extensas fortificaciones en un promontorio que domina el río. Estas fortificaciones siguen dominando el lado suroeste de la ciudad. En 1244, Alcalá de Guadaíra fue capturada por Fernando III de Castilla, quien se encargó de reformar el castillo y las fortificaciones de la ciudad, que posteriormente se utilizó como prisión real con presencia militar. Tras la muerte de Fernando, se deterioró y dejó de ser prisión o cuartel militar.