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Locate Branch 2103 0247 UNICAJA-BANCO on the MALAGA Map that we provide below on this same page. Select on the map: street map or satellite image and use the zoom to zoom in or zoom out, etc.. You will also be able to see the nearest ATM to your location if you are looking to withdraw money from the UNICAJA BANCO S.A. ATM network in MALAGA.
You can access your UNICAJA-BANCO accounts online by accessing your online banking through its website www.unicaja.es to enter your virtual office where you can make all kinds of transactions, check movements, transfers, pension plans, investment funds, apply for credits and loans, mortgages… In order to access your account online through electronic banking, you need a user name and password, which must be given to you at the branch where you are a customer. Subsequently you can make all the operations by Internet without the need to travel and without waiting.

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The second phase of the study promoted by AMAPyP with the support of the Unicaja Foundation will continue to analyze fatigue in order to establish new diagnostic criteria based on the motor unit.
This project, they have specified in a statement, «is part of the interest of the Unicaja Foundation to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups and its commitment to the advancement of science and research, reflected in the support of various projects of entities in this field».
In the part of the research that is starting now, the aim is to advance in the use of high-density electromyography, a novel technique that helps to broaden the assessment of the level of severity of the disease. With the introduction of new variables, it will be possible to improve the diagnostic capacity of the fatigometer.
The second phase of the project is called ‘Development and validation of a fatigue test based on changes in the motor unit evaluated by high-density electromyography in post-polio syndrome’. It will again be directed by Antonio Cuesta-Vargas and will be carried out at the Faculty of Health Sciences through an agreement between AMAPyP and the University of Malaga within the Chair of Physiotherapy and Disability.

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