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Depending on where you live, it may be that your map tends to be more filled in that area. The Catalan territory is large and there are many areas that are worthwhile. A good trick is to attack first the mountain ranges located at a medium distance from our place of residence. In a radius of between 60 and 80 kilometers we will have a good range of objectives to conquer.
Taking this as a basis, you can plan routes in your surroundings when you have a commitment in the middle of the day, or when rain is expected in the afternoon, or when the previous night is long and you don’t feel like getting up early, etc.
Sometimes, in addition, if you plan well, you will have the opportunity to «kill two birds with one stone». That is to say, to crown two summits in the same excursion. La Mola – Montcau is an excellent example of how we can make a great and enjoyable 2×1.
In most high places, it is obvious that you will have a strategic position to take good pictures. But we want to highlight real balconies to the horizon, natural viewpoints with which to delight you celebrating the achievement of having crowned the highest point.

Endurance marches

We take the car that we have parked near Perillós and we drive the 8 km of badly cemented track to arrive again to the D9 road, we turn to the right to go to Vingrau and Tautavel, where we park.
We take the itinerary of nature, where they explain the different plants that we find, very nice and pleasant this route, we arrive at the hermitage, very nice views, we take pictures and we arrive at the antennas of Força Real.
We enter through a large gateway to the medieval town of Castelnou, we continue along a cobbled street with a lot of climbing, on the left we find the street den Godall, we go down until it becomes a stream, we follow it, we cross the stream and it begins to climb, We arrive at a point where the road continues straight and to our left another more rocky road, we turn and we keep going up, it turns into a stream, we follow it up to the top of the Roc de Mallorca, now we do not have good views, there is rain.
We continue on foot along the track of Pla de Matons and after about 100 m we leave it to take a path that indicates: Refugi d’Engorgs, we pass over a bridge and we follow the path to our left, there are some grotesque marks and route 106, we follow inside a not very visible trail of paths, where there are two stones, we leave route 106 and we take the path that goes to our right, we follow it until we arrive to a track, we follow it to our right, a few meters away there is another track to our left, we follow this track, we arrive to the free refuge of the Engorgs, we follow the track until it is lost, we keep on going through the forest, without a marked path.

Curses feec

ENUNCIAT: Follow a street 1, with width A, which turns to the left and connects with another street, which we will call 2, which is perpendicular to the first and has width A. Two carriers carry a length of glass.
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MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR ENTITIES User’s Guide 1 GUIDE FOR THE ENTITY USER 1. Introduction Entity data To access the management application for entities you must enter the web www.cetarragones.cat
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Itinerari 17 La carena de Montagut Santes Creus (monestir) les Pobles cim de Montagut ermita de Montagut Querol Santes Creus (monestir) S ha de tenir presente que els kilometratges són orientatius i que

100 cims llista 2020

The contributions and suggestions of the FEEC and Turisme de Catalunya resulted in the list of 100 summits that you can find on the ICC website. Subsequently, in 2006, the FEEC launched the initiative El repte dels 100 cims, which in 2015 was extended to 308 summits.
The counties of Lleida include 100 of the 308 peaks classified by the FEEC. On the one hand, the list is headed by the Pica d’Estats (with 3,144 m altitude), followed by other peaks such as the Pic de Sotllo, the Pic de Comaloforno, the Punta Alta, the Tuc de Molieres, the Besiberri Nord and the Pic de Peguera in the area of the National Park. On the other hand, there are the peaks of modest altitude such as Montmeneu, Pilar d’Almenara, Fita Alta or Tossal de la Moradilla, of only 243 m. We have to keep in mind that the selection of the summits was not based on altitude, but on significance.