Balboa el bierzo

Balboa el bierzo


The streets of Canteixeira are narrow and very steep, so it is advisable to park at the entrance. In this village you will find A Casa de Lamas, a spectacular palloza converted into a restaurant where you can enjoy local delicacies.
In the center of Balboa is La Palloza. It imposes its large circular space with a wooden vault and a fireplace that warms the atmosphere in which fire melts between reds and oranges. Geni and Patricia run this restaurant and recommend us to taste typical dishes of the area. Let’s start!
On the Quintela-Balboa road, we find Casa Dositeo: traditional cuisine based on quality products typical of the area. Here we recommend its authentic Galician empanada and, also, leave room for its generous homemade desserts. Delicious food at a very affordable price. And we say goodbye to Balboa with an essential stop: coffee at O Subiaio, pure delight! WHERE TO SLEEP IN BALBOA
Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking that traveling is a matter of kilometers. The more the better. That going close is not traveling. Places like Balboa remind us that travel is attitude, curiosity and the imperious need to discover and explore new paths… whether in the most inhospitable part of Antarctica or three streets away from where you live.

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dhen696 opinionesRevisado el 28 de junio de 2019 Lugar divertido para pararSólo un poco fuera de la A6 conduciendo a Santiago de Compostela. Agradable desvío por un bonito paisaje. Palloza se encuentra en un auténtico edificio rural y tiene mucho carácter en el interior. Los terrenos exteriores eran divertidos para pasear. La comida «local» era… muy buena y a un precio razonable. Especialmente disfrutado nuestro flan de postre. El servicio fue muy amable. Contento de haber tomado la oportunidad de parar y comer en este establecimiento.MásFecha de la visita: Abril 2019¿Ayuda?
lmoreira7824 opinionesRevisado el 9 de julio de 2018 Comida tradicional, gran sabor, excelente servicio. Lo recomiendo¡ El escenario es simplemente exquisito, el edificio es un pedazo de historia en sí mismo. La comida fue abundante y muy muy buena. Productos de la zona, el flan de castañas era algo fuera de serie.
oterinote130 opinionesRevisado el 7 de enero de 2018 a través del móvil ¡Gran lugar y buena comida! La Palloza es una construcción tradicional de casas en la zona de los Ancares (montañas gallegas y leonesas) El restaurante está en una Palloza por lo que solo estar allí es bonita experiencia.

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The Camino de Santiago guides this route through the westernmost part of El Bierzo. Leaving Villafranca del Bierzo, take the N-VI to reach Pereje, whose pilgrim influence can be felt in the Church of Santa María Magdalena, the Pilgrims’ Hospital, the old jail and the hostel. It also offers fishing enthusiasts a salmonid preserve in the Valcarce riverbed.
Next appears on the horizon Ambasmestas, which is accessed by a bridge of Roman origin -it loses a section of its abutment very close upstream-. It preserves a pickle factory from the 19th century, a cheese factory of eclectic-popular typology and a barn also from the 19th century with a trapezoidal floor plan and two heights, made of masonry and ashlar with a gabled slab roof.
We leave the national road to take the LE-723 to Vega de Valcarce. It is presided over by the Castle of Sarracín from the 15th century, of which several walls are preserved, a tower with a flared arrow slit and a raised portico on the south, as well as an arched doorway protected by a wall that creates an elbow entrance. In front of it, on a mound, are the remains of the Castro da Veiga, of elongated plan and medieval origin.

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Balboa is located 700 meters above sea level and a total of 502 people live in the streets of Balboa. Balboa is divided into 17 districts, which provides a great tourist variety in the surroundings of Balboa.
Throughout the region there are some traditional buildings known as Pallozas, in Balboa we can find several. One of them has been remodeled and converted into a municipal bar. Another, the Palloza de Chis is one of the most beautiful to visit and although it is of recent construction, it is very similar to the traditional ones.
Balboa also has numerous monuments such as its medieval castle dating from the XIV century or the Church of Santa Marina from the XVI century. Inside this religious temple we find numerous works of art, among which stands out the High Altarpiece, built by an artist of the area in the same century in which the church was built.