El pou de la veleta

El pou de la veleta

Restaurant in sant boi, el pou de la beleta. we interviewed

The neighbors of Molinar complained that the weather vane was in bad condition and did not turn, as a result of the rust that had accumulated. However, the technicians are not clear to what extent it was turning at the time, “because due to the aerodynamics of the bird and its great weight, they doubt that it can turn too much,” says Pou.
Therefore, details Pou, “the intervention consisted of cleaning the aluminum, filling the cracks and covering it with a layer of special paint; the two bearings in the center have also been changed and new bearings have been placed on the shaft”.

Crafts, how to make a windmill.

I congratulate US President-elect @JoeBiden . We will work to strengthen relations between our countries for the good of our people .- Luis Lacalle Pou (@LuisLacallePou) November 7, 2020
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said Saturday he was “honored” to have been chosen “to lead” the country, after major media projections gave him the victory.
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Cornellà dishes

In Sant Boi de Llobregat there are 2 restaurants that stand out from the rest both for their quality and the originality of their dishes: MARIMORENA and EL POU DE LA VELETA. If we talk about less ambitious or mid-range restaurants, we can also highlight CAL VITUS, COQUUS, DIVERSUS or BRASERÍA NICASIO. Il Peccato di Cupido would aspire to be in the range of the best mid-range restaurants in the city. It is a restaurant that offers quite acceptable cuisine at reasonable prices.
It has an unbeatable location and logistics. It is located next to the popular Muntanyeta park and right in front of the llac d’Ariadna (which is part of the park). It is very easy to park in that area, since right in front of the restaurant there is a very large area reserved for parking. Very large restaurant with different spaces/dining rooms and with an exceptional covered gallery/terrace with direct views of the lake. The terrace is perfectly air-conditioned and a very recommendable space both in winter and summer.

Picu urriellu the jewel of picos de europa

For the first time in Sierra Nevada, the Pou brothers, Iker and Eneko, will give a free lecture about their project “7 walls -7 continents”, a free climbing on the most emblematic routes of the planet. Do not miss this opportunity to know first hand the most ambitious project of the Pou brothers.
This type of climbing consists of climbing without a rope and in case of a fall you go directly into the water, which, now that the heat is getting hot, is a very fun way to have a good time with friends.