Geras de gordon

Geras de gordon

Geras,la pola de gordon,león

Otra forma de conocer estas increíbles comidas de España es degustar estos manjares en nuestro restaurante, situado en Geras de Gordón donde Rosy prepara los platos tradicionales con el cuidado y la paciencia de antaño.
La carta ofrece una amplia gama de deliciosos platos cuidadosamente pensados y elaborados por Rosy que harán las delicias de los paladares más refinados. Estos sorprendentes platos encontrarán su encaje con uno de los vinos presentes en nuestra carta de vinos que han sido cuidadosamente seleccionados por nuestro experto en vinos.

Geras de gordon, leon, snow, february 9, 2014

To start the route you have to leave the car next to the local road LE-473 that joins La Pola de Gordón and Aralla de Luna. The beginning of the route is a little before reaching Geras and there is space to leave cars. It is indicated by two large signs.
A little later you reach the place where the sculpture of Amancio González from Leon is located, a huge hand sculpted in black marble weighing about 1.5 tons and emerging from the earth with the aim of reaching the stars. A perfect symbol for Menéndez López’s story.
We continued until we reached the road by which we accessed the parking lot. We cross it and cross a bridge over the Casares River. We will take a detour to the right to continue the way always next to the river through meadows and paths with a lot of magic.

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After this first stretch of road, we reach the detour that leads to our objectives. We turn right, cross the Arnizas Bridge over the Casares River and take a look at the information sign about the different options we have.
The Foz de Meleros is opening up and we can already see the pass we must reach, between two peaks prior to the summits of the day. This climb will be quite demanding and lacks a path, although the vegetation is not a problem. Manuel faces his first ramps after the confinement and is noticing a lot of weight in his backpack, but he is getting there without problems. We managed to get some amazing views!
The descent of the Pico La Carba will be done by its north face, and we must pay close attention, because it is a very rough descent. It is trodden and offers no loss, but we should not underestimate it. Little by little, we lose altitude towards the Boyeriza beech forest.
After the descent of the Pico La Carba, we reach the Hayedo de la Boyeriza, which gives us a perfect shade on hot days. The path is intuitive and we must always advance towards the north, until we reach the official path that runs through the valley, at the Collada de Collariondo.

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The old road enters the forest, following the stream. The new track zigzags and ascends through a treeless area offering more open views. Both paths meet at certain times to become one at the end. Obviously, the best choice to enjoy the beech forest in all its splendor is to use the old trail.
The descent of the Palanco stream is very entertaining as it is done between rock walls with the beech trees practically covering the sky. Already near the village, the path widens and loses height quickly depositing us in the meadows surrounding Geras.