Sant jaume de frontanyà gorgs

Sant jaume de frontanyà gorgs

Open air therapy, summer 2021

Km. 4,5. After crossing a kind of dry gully where the path makes a twist, we stop at a kind of meadow. We discard some streams that are born at the edge of the torrent to our left, to continue towards the north. Attention, at this point the trace of the stream that we follow is blurred and it is difficult to see the next signpost of the G.R. We continue towards the north and soon the stream starts to mark itself. Soft ascent.
Km. 8,7. Pla de Cal Voltant. Track, with double union in the form of triangle, that goes towards our right and that we ignore. We continue straight towards the west. Soon we leave the forest and walk through an area of fields with better views, which allows us to visualize for the first time our near destination. Marques de G.R.

How is the llobregat greenway ? cal rosal ? catalunya

Let’s go on an excursion, do you want to join us? We are looking for gorges, caves on the banks of a river or torrent, where the water gets into a swirl or gets calmer.  We can say that the gorges are the natural pools of the mountain.
Santa Cristina d’Aro: Gorgues de Salenys along the Salenys stream.  Following the green way, it starts at the Font Picant Station.  It is a route with ropes (via ferrada) and wooden walkways, with vertical rocks that fall on the stream.
Sant Esteve: in the Vall del Llémena (Gorg Negre, Gorg del Diable) on the Granollers de Rocacorba stream, at the point where the aiguabarreig meets the Llémena, very close to the Molí d’en Sala, past the village of Sant Esteve and at the limits of La Garrotxa.

Sant jaume de frontanyà (gorgs riera de merlès)

The days of summer have arrived, facing us in front of an open window from bat to bat that little helps to lower the temperatures for much hope that we dedicate there. And the fact is that no matter how much we love the summer for some, we humans are not salamanders, and when everything becomes hot and cold without even having to leave the house is when you know it’s time to make a refreshing getaway.
The itinerary is not particularly difficult, and is moreover generous, introducing us to several linked gorges before arriving at the Toll de l’Ou. It is a precious pass where the rocks and the water create a combination of colors that only nature can offer. Come and discover it!
We hope that this virtual excursion through the best gorges of Catalonia has refreshed your imagination at least a little bit! We encourage you to enjoy nature by visiting the magnificent natural spaces offered by our home, always respecting the environment so that future generations can enjoy them too.