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Why do arabs write with numbers? alphabet

One of the most read newspapers in Arabic language, Alquds, echoed last Tuesday, February 28th, the controversy raised and generated by the leak of messages in a VOX chat in which Islamophobic expressions could be read, supposedly in the mouth of the top leaders of the formation in Ceuta, although they have branded them as manipulated and decontextualized messages and that is one of the causes of the departure of two deputies of the formation of the Parliamentary Group and the party.
The newspaper echoes the political tension generated in the city by the appearance of these messages and the departure, also partly as a result of these same messages, of two of the VOX deputies of the Parliamentary group.
In its headline highlights the content of one of those messages which referred to the imposition of a distinction, a cross, by the Ministry of the Interior to one of the Moroccan Gendarmerie commanders, and thus its headline reads: «The extremist VOX party mocks the director of the Moroccan gendarmerie and provokes a racist crisis in Ceuta».

The arabic language(s), but how many are there?

MADRID – How to pray, how to wear the hijab, how to treat others, the role of women, the education of children, songs, thousands of books, sermons and live chats. The Islamic apostolate is growing on the Internet. The entrepreneurs contribute to the expansion of Islam, with some exceptions, without economic benefits.
They denounce that there are «many pages financed by powerful people just to defame Islam» and that those behind them are the same people who «try to remove the veil from Muslim women, who undress them for their monetary ends, who criminalize Muslims, they are the people of the caricatures and the film ‘Fitna'», they say.
The truth is that there are orthodox Muslims who criticize that certain Islamic content pages advertise products that are not too «appropriate», such as wine stores or online matchmakers.

When we were arabs

The secretary general of the green formation in the autonomous city, Juan Sergio Redondo, warned in another text: «I assure you that these people soon, if we do not accept their Islamizing vision, will begin to treat us as occupiers. Something like the Israelis».
They even lash out against the aid received by the most disadvantaged Muslims or of Moroccan origin saying that «Islam is a socio-labor reality» or that they already know where «almost 50% of the GDP of Ceuta goes, to social aid».
Rodriguez, in a telephone conversation with this media after Thursday’s plenary, said: «From us it did not come out. The messages are insulting, sapphic… there is a little bit of everything… the truth is that they are regrettable».
He also does not know who are the participants of this chat because he alludes that «the party has been growing, some chats have been cancelled, and others were opened. They were changing because the organization and some positions changed. Some of the names in the headings of the chats I didn’t even know».
However, «previously we had to call attention to other chats because someone had written things out of tone. You can’t say whatever you want, you have to be civilized».