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Cual es la fecha de nacimiento en español

Facilitará asimismo datos sobre los bienes objeto de la solicitud o buscados (cuentas bancarias, propiedades inmobiliarias, vehículos, yates y demás artículos de valor) y las personas físicas o jurídicas que se
o horario flexible, la realización de actividades de representación sindical, las inclemencias del tiempo, la paralización parcial por razones técnicas o económicas, la regulación de empleo, la huelga o el conflicto laboral, el haber recibido educación o formación fuera del centro, las razones personales o las responsabilidades familiares), se consideran asalariados si el empresario les paga al menos el 50% de su salario o si van a reincorporarse a su puesto de trabajo en los próximos tres meses.
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The purpose of an English CV is the same as that of any resume: to help you get a job. However, in this case, for the writing of this type of CV you have to take into account the selection criteria followed by English-speaking companies.
Example: I have the capability to (summarize your capabilities and skills). I also prove to be an effective team worker and have a practical work behavior. I’m looking for a position in sales management in a blue chip company because (define your career objective).
Tip: In this section you can describe your professional experience. In case you have not worked for some time or there are gaps in your CV, you can replace it with Relevant experience and refer to the experience related to the position (job title) that you are most interested in highlighting.

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Before moving on to the months, you may have noticed that I did not put ON in the structure of the dates. If this is not the case, you have not read the introduction of the section. That’s OK, because I’ll tell you again now. Whenever you say a date within a sentence, you should use ON before any of the three options I have shown you. But you will never put it when the date is the subject of the sentence.
For once in history, the English do the same thing as the rest of the world: use the same format for dates. But, to compensate, the Americans have taken it upon themselves to create an exception. So, read the table below to avoid messing up if you work with the USA:

Fecha de nacimiento en español

Neither your date of birth nor your address are details that matter in a resume in English (unless, of course, one of the requirements of the offer is to reside in the city where you live; in this case you will have to indicate your place of residence to prove to the recruiter that you meet the requirement).
Indicate only those jobs that are intrinsically related to the job you are applying for, always prioritizing the most recent and those that have lasted the longest. In this way you will avoid listing an endless string of jobs that, for practical purposes, will not be of much use.
This section is structured in a very similar way to the previous section: indicate the official studies (university degree, vocational training degree, masters or postgraduate) that are related to the job you are applying for. Do not include the high school you attended or the baccalaureate you completed, as this information is irrelevant to the recruiter.