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Prepare in person and online for the oppositions of: Auxiliar Administrativo Servicios Salud Auxiliar Enfermería Celador Enfermería Enfermería Enfermería Instituciones Penitenciarias Lavandería Y Planchado Servicios Salud Fisioterapia To do so, you will have to develop the following teaching functions: – Provide an updated syllabus reinforcement activities and test simulation. (preferably adapted to different autonomous communities). – Correction of tests, guidance and resolution of …
We are expanding our staff in our clinic and we are looking for a RECEPTIONIST with experience in dental clinic to work in our clinic in León. Essential title of dental clinic assistant. Very valuable title of dental hygienist. Previous experience in the sector and knowledge of dental management programs is essential. The main functions to be performed are:- Telephone and in-person patient care – Attraction of first visits – Support to management in the drafting of the dental…

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(2) When establishing the conditions for state grants, it is necessary to ensure that the persons subject to the present law have the possibility to be among the recipients of such grants. mfa.gov.hu
The global amount of the loaned securities delivered in the form of liquid assets or in the form of securities issued or guaranteed by an OECD country or its local authorities or by supranational institutions or bodies within the scope of the EU, of regional or global scope and blocked in favor of the Sub-Fund until the completion of the securities lending transaction.
Ancillary Services» means all services, including services or functionalities hosted or offered on servers owned or operated by Autodesk, by any person designated by Autodesk or by other independent entities not related to Autodesk, provided in
of the Term via the Internet or other means of access (other than bundled software, an upgrade or an accessory product or support), which are provided to You from time to time as part of the Subscription, and which (if any) are described in greater detail in the Autodesk Subscription Center, as applicable.

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I am looking for a platform with user profile management using login and password (minimum client, agent and supervisor) that allows the agent to create forms, the client to fill out the form, store the data in a database and build a document that will be sent to the client’s email to request confirmation…
We need someone who has had this experience, to synchronize data that will only be seen and NO interaction is needed, other than that the web site only allows access to view the information to authorized persons, the report is the same for the client….
We have a file, this file downloads some information from SAP and fixes it, it introduces around 7 transactions that download from SAP, in general 5 work but there are 2 that generate errors, the idea is to finish the whole run by the macro.
You have a file, this file downloads some information from SAP and fixes it, introduces about 7 transactions that download from SAP, in general 5 work but there are 2 that generate errors, the idea is to finish the whole run by the macro.

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This is a banking entity integrated in the European System of Central Banks and, as such, participates in the definition and execution of the monetary policy of the so-called «euro zone».
Such relevant entity periodically offers the opportunity to work in it to candidates who are willing to undergo its selection processes for permanent or temporary positions, which are to be consulted on its website.
The profile of the applicants is that of university students and recent graduates as specialists who have experience in the traditional areas of central banking or support and who demonstrate capacity, commitment and responsibility with the organization, as well as the ability to work in a team and be in a continuous learning process.
In our country there are many different types of competitive examinations, so they offer many possibilities. For example, if you are interested in working in Renfe you can get information on this page, or if you prefer to be a social worker you can visit this website.