Power of attorney in spanish

Power of attorney in spanish

Power of attorney

They are used for a single specific act or acts and are automatically extinguished with the conclusion of the matter or matters. This type of power of attorney provides greater security to the grantor since the attorney-in-fact cannot intervene in acts other than those specifically determined.
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A document that speaks for you, when you cannot speak for yourself.A power of attorney is?Terms you should knowPower of Attorney – The person who gives or authorizes another person to act in his or her place.
Agent – The person to whom the power of attorney is given, the person who acts in your place. Sometimes the agent is called an «attorney in fact».Types of Powers of AttorneySimple Power of AttorneyDurable Power of AttorneyPower of AttorneyPower of Attorney for Health Care or Business Affairs.Examples?When to Use Power of Attorney

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When a person married under the marital partnership regime wishes to grant a general or special power of attorney that includes acts of administration and/or dominion, it must also be granted by his or her spouse. In any case, it is convenient to prove the marital status by presenting the original and copy of the marriage certificate.
No. The service of this procedure concludes with the delivery of the power of attorney. You will then have to send it by mail or courier to Mexico so that it can be presented in the transaction for which it is required.

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In a power of attorney (POA) document, the person who authorizes or appoints is called the Principal, while the person who will represent or act on behalf of the Principal is called the Agent. The Agent is also known as the «attorney in fact» in some places.
Let’s take a look at what should be included in a Power of Attorney form. Depending on your exact case and purpose, the contents of your Power of Attorney document may differ. The contents of a Power of Attorney form include: