Configurar router smart wifi movistar

Configurar router smart wifi movistar

Easy installation of smart wifi router

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The first thing we have to do to use the APP of the HGU router is to download it. It is called App Smart WiFi, and we can find it for both Android and iOS, the two most used operating systems among users.
From the app we can pause Internet access to any device at any time. On that map we mentioned we can click on the device we are interested in and hit pause. It will automatically stop having Internet access, although it will still be connected to the router. We can revert this at any time by clicking on the Resume option. Therefore it is also useful to control who can have access and from which devices.
On many occasions it is necessary to configure our router so that some services and platforms work correctly. This is common among users who want to make the most of its possibilities. We are going to explain how to open TCP and UDP ports in the Movistar HGU router. It is a simple and quick process, as we will see.

Hgu movistar router configuration

I do not have a modem.    Are there other alternatives?    Yes.    What you need to do is to connect the cable (also called patch or fiber optic cable) provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to the Ethernet port of your computer.    If your Internet access is working, you can start by following the steps below.
Step 6: In the Updates for your router window, the Install future router updates automatically (recommended) checkbox is selected by default to allow automatic updates.    You can uncheck it to control when to perform an automatic update.    You can also enable this option again after logging into the router’s configuration web page.    Click Next to continue.

Configurar wifi y abrir puertos router smart wifi

Si tienes el popular router de Movistar, en este tutorial te explicaremos cómo configurar los distintos parámetros de este equipo tan utilizado por los clientes de la operadora. Te explicaremos cómo cambiar el nombre de la red Wi-Fi, la contraseña de administrador, abrir los puertos, abrir la DMZ e incluso te enseñaremos a utilizar la aplicación gratuita para smartphones Android e iOS entre otras configuraciones que tenemos. puede realizar, por supuesto, te enseñaremos a optimizarlo al máximo para obtener el mejor rendimiento inalámbrico y cableado.
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El router HGU de Movistar es uno de los más utilizados actualmente por los usuarios de fibra óptica. Esto hace que en varias ocasiones surjan dudas por parte de los menos experimentados sobre cómo controlarlo, cómo modificar ciertos aspectos que pueden ser esenciales en el día a día de nuestras relaciones. Afortunadamente, podemos controlar este router de forma sencilla a través de un ordenador, entrando desde con las credenciales correspondientes. Pero, además de eso, también podemos utilizar la aplicación móvil . Ya sabemos que hoy en día es muy común utilizar este tipo de dispositivos para casi todo y sí, también para controlar el router.

How to configure the smart wifi router

The Smart WiFI router or HGU, as we said, is not only a fiber optic router but a ‘3 in 1’ device. It has a router, but also an integrated ONT and also offers a 5 GHz WiFi access point.  This device, in terms of wireless connection, can achieve a maximum transfer rate of 1.93 Gbps in dual band, thanks to its ability to broadcast in dual band simultaneously with a configuration of six internal antennas, four of them 5 GHz and two 2.4 GHz.
The Movistar xHGU router will be available for Movistar fiber optic customers and we know that it will reach up to 10 Gbps per Ethernet connection thanks to its adaptation to the XGSPON standard, in addition to offering WiFi 6 with the capacity to transfer up to 9.7 Gbps in simultaneous dual-band. This will obviously give the telecommunications operator the possibility of making a new leap in the speed of its fiber optic tariffs and will support the following evolutions of the infrastructure.