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Zelda shrines

You will find this souvenir in the Plain, more specifically in a wooded area called Ceremonial Altar that is just in front of the entrance to the old Citadel. It is in a straight line to the Castle, so you can’t miss it.
Using the Twin Peaks as a reference, you must reach the West Zone of Komolo Lake, in the Plain area. Once here, look for the green halo that you will see in the image above and you will find this souvenir.
You will find this souvenir in the Tabanta Region, as soon as you cross the bridge next to the Inn. To get to it you will have to go up the southern cliff, east of Rularg Hill. In this area you will also find a Shrine.
I plan to make the most of the game and complete as much as I can (shrines, quests, heroic trials…) But I’m worried about this, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to catch so many kologs.
To adrixvelilla: when you have the trident, you have to go to the waterfall of Xera, at the base you will see a pedestal, you have to climb the waterfall with the zora armor, and throw yourself down it (can be with paravela), and, when you are a few meters from the pedestal, press Y with the trident equipped and, if you do it right, a shrine will emerge.

Suits zelda: breath of the wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild breaks with many conventions of the Zelda saga, and one of the most remarkable is the way the plot is narrated. It is possible to enjoy a common story, but the really important (and most interesting) is told through memories that we must find. To do this, we have a series of photographs that indicate the area where each memory is located, but the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild is so immense that it is quite likely that you will miss some… Where to find the memories of Zelda Breath of the Wild?
That memory is located north of the Plateau of Dawn, the area where the adventure begins. You can find it in a forest near Lake Komola. Head in the direction of the Twin Peaks and you will find it without any problems.
We continue with the location of all the memories of Breath of the Wild, and this time we go to the region of Tabanta, the area northwest of Hyrule. It is located in a place known as Ancestral Pillars, just at the entrance of the Tena Ko’sah Shrine.

Souvenir 17 zelda breath of the wild

This souvenir is in the Ceremonial Altar in front of Hyrule Castle, in the central part of the map. Although it is not complicated to find, it can be a bit tricky because the central area of the tower is full of guards and other inconveniences.
We recommend using the paravela from the central tower to the northwest and keep walking. Be prepared to fight or dodge the enemies; if you choose the former, we have prepared a guide on how to defeat the Guardians easily using the parry technique with the shield.
We recommend using the paravela from the tower to go south, then go south again and climb the hill. If you activate the Shrine over there you can quickly go back there whenever you want.
You will get it more easily when you visit Gerudo City to free the divine Beast Vah Naboris, but if you want to get it sooner, use the nearby tower and fly west. The souvenir is just to the northeast side of the oasis.
Go up the valley and climb the first hill on the left to see a circle of stones. Now go north, climb more hills and you should reach another circle made of stones, where the souvenir awaits you.

Attire of the guard

Link, one of the chosen ones, was appointed personal guard to Princess Zelda, of the royal family of Hyrule. They both try to reproduce a certain legendary ceremony, as Daruk had suggested, but Zelda seems grief-stricken, and her somber expression reveals her feelings.
Memories are collectibles that appear in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are, as the name suggests, memories of past events, whose exact location is unknown and that only the player will have an image as a clue. They can be seen in the travel journal.
When you reach the location of one of them (you can tell where a memory is because it is denoted by bright dots), Link will close his eyes and, after a second, he will put a look of surprise on his face. He will then begin to remember.
To obtain a memory, Link must pass certain requirements. In total, there are 18 memories. Four of them are obtained before fighting the Divine Beasts, one by overcoming the mission «The Hero’s Sword» and the rest in the mission «Memories in Pictures».