Padre de familia temporada 17 castellano

Padre de familia temporada 17 castellano

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A change in the network’s management allowed the production of thirteen new episodes, forming the basis of the third season. Well aware of the uncertainty of the show’s future, the writers made reference to that uncertainty in many episodes, most notably in The Thin White Line, where Fox allowed them to say the word fuck (at minute 15:55 of the episode) for the first time, without hiding it through background noises such as a bell. A beep was superimposed in return. Family Guy also maintained a strong competition with Survivor and Friends sharing the same broadcast time at 20:00, which was mentioned (after its second cancellation) in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

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The uproar has arisen because of the episode entitled ‘Family gay’, in which the head of the family, Peter, lends himself to test new drugs to earn money and ends up receiving the ‘gay gene’, which makes him homosexual for a few hours.
The chapter is full of criticism of the Catholic Church, such as the fragment in which the baby, Stewie, quotes the bible in his condemnation of homosexuality and Brian, the dog, replies «Stewie you’re quoting the bible and you can’t even read» to which the baby replies, «Welcome to America, Brian».
However, that’s not all that can be found in the episode ‘Family gay’, which has been called one of the most brutal episodes of the popular series. The episode shows Peter moaning in pleasure as a horse licks his ass, there is a gay orgy featuring 11 of the show’s characters, and Stewie ends up drinking horse semen along with cereal instead of milk.
All of this has caused many conservative groups, including the conservative viewers’ association, Parents Television Council, to throw up their hands in the air and file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Family guy season 10

Family Guy will once again pay tribute to Adam West, the legendary actor who played Batman on television, and who participated in more than a hundred episodes of the animated series giving voice and personality to the delusional Mayor West.
When he passed away in the summer of 2017, West had already left behind recorded material for numerous episodes that aired after his death. And the upcoming season 17, which will premiere shortly, will pay tribute to the actor.
Specifically, Brian wants to rename the high school in his honor, and after a conversation with West’s widow, the dog decides he will run for the vacant mayoral seat. And although he is initially unopposed, he will end up facing a strong rival: Quagmire. At the end of the installment, Mayor West will make a tribute appearance.

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