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Fee model 790 code 012 pdf 2020

The fee to be paid is the 790 fee. This fee has three different models: 006, 012 and 026. In the case of the fingerprints to obtain the TIE, the model in question is the 012.Since the issuance of the foreigner’s identification card is the responsibility of the police, this fee is filled in and downloaded from their website.You can find the 790/012 fee to download in pdf here .
As we have just mentioned, the payment of the 790/012 fee is essential to be able to make the fingerprints, that is to say, it is the mandatory step that you must follow as a foreigner to get your TIE or residence card.more precisely, what exactly is this fee for and in which processes you will be asked to pay it, you can find more information about the other fees (038, 052, 062) here. Do you have doubts? Our immigration lawyers will answer them all instantly?
Paying this fee for fingerprinting is totally simple. Moreover, you have different options to do it, so finding one that suits you is easy.  You can pay at any bank, credit union or savings bank.  You simply download the fee, which you fill out online, sign it, and take it to any bank to make the disbursement.  There you will be given a receipt stating that you have paid the relevant amount.

How to pay tax 790 012

Everything you need to know, step by step, about Tax 790-012. If you have to pay this tax and you have doubts, here we explain what it consists of, how much it costs and how it differs from other taxes and 790 models. Find out also how to request the necessary form to pay it and where to present all the documentation.
The Tax Model 790 Code 012 is a form that must be filled in and paid through the Electronic Headquarters that the National Police has made available to those foreigners who want to apply for the Residence Card and reflects the issuance of the residence card or TIE (physical NIE).
Its payment is mandatory, as well as the completion of the form and its delivery. It is issued by the National Police, which provides a web page to process its completion, payment and downloading of the form with which to go to the corresponding Foreigners Office.
4. The 2nd section corresponds to the Self-assessment. In this part you have to fill in more formalities. Among them, the processing of authorizations, identity documents, titles and authorizations or visas.

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These fees must be paid, for example, for procedures such as the registration of EU citizens, the issuance of identity documents for foreigners, the extension of visas, the extension of short stays or return permits, among others.
The application must be made using form 790. The application may not be submitted until 15 working days have elapsed, excluding the day of death, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
The insurance contracts for which it is possible to obtain a certificate are those relating to life insurance with death coverage and accident insurance in which the contingency of the insured’s death is covered, whether they are individual or group policies.
Nationality is the legal bond that unites the person with the state. By virtue of this relationship, the individual enjoys rights which he may claim from the state organization to which he belongs. In the same way, it can impose obligations on the user.

Form 790 code 012 how much is paid

This type of fee has to be paid, for example, in procedures such as the registration of EU citizens, issuance of identity cards for foreigners, visa extensions, extensions of short stays, or return authorizations among others.
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