Carta para mi hija que cumple 18 años

Carta para mi hija que cumple 18 años

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How happy I am that you are my daughter. You make the sun shine in my life. Actually I’m always proud of you. Of your perseverance and your outlook on life. You started drawing and other creative expressions at an early age. Look around my house: there are cute things everywhere! About two years ago your ten-year relationship came to an end. Not that there was another one, but you had grown apart. You came to live in the same city partly because you found a new job here. It was a difficult time for you but you got through it. It made me very proud. It’s wonderful that you’ve found a new love. That gives color to your life. I am proud that we have nice conversations together and that I know and feel that you are there for me. Dear Suus, I love you.
Sitting at our dinner table a picture of you catches my eye. You are sitting with a bucket on your head in the wheelbarrow driven by your big brother. Blond hair, tanned by playing outside. With a broad smile and blue fun eyes. This photo has often pulled me through difficult moments in life. It warms and gladdens my heart. The years fly by. You are in your rooms and pursuing your education. The foundation for this was already laid in 8th grade. You did a presentation on Mother Theresa and already knew what you wanted. To help poor young children and old people. You, sweet strong girl, you followed your heart. When you come home with your stories you shine with your whole face because you were able to do something for a client. Then I often think: girl, you don’t even need this diploma. Your beautiful smile and your fun eyes are the best medicine you can give these people.  Marie-Jose (1966)

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You have just made me cry again. This time it wasn’t because you were singing one of your songs to me, accompanying yourself on the piano. This time it was because you showed me how Liz had become. Was I moved by your drawing? Also, but what gave me a lump in the throat most of all is that I am so happy that you finally dare to show who you are, that you know what and where you want to go. Because girl, how far you have come. And how much harder has your journey been than that of the average child.
I remember very clearly the first night after your birth. Around me brand new mothers were sleeping and I did not understand how they could do that. Did they not feel as empty as I did? The nurses had taken you to the baby room. ‘So you can have a nice sleep,’ they were told. As if I would even close one eye that night. After staring at the ceiling for a while, I got up and staggered out of the room, foot by foot. Further down the hall I saw a glass wall. Instinctively, I knew that was where you had to be. Once I reached the large pane of glass, I let my eyes travel past all those cribs until I saw you. You were asleep. I put my hands against the glass, breathless but with a wildly pounding heart. ‘My beautiful girl, I will take good care of you,’ I repeated softly and countless times, like a mantra. How arduous your journey to adulthood would be I could not, thankfully, have suspected at the time.

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However, there are mostly highs. Unique peaks like the trip to Montenegro, the camping weekend, your first day of school, being able to swing by yourself… Unforgettable moments, that will always stay with you.But there are also so many ordinary hills. Everyday moments that are so simple and clean that I might just forget them. When your umpteenth drawing is just that little bit more beautiful than the last one, when you run up and jump into my arms, when I take you to school by bike and quickly pull your jacket on, give you a kiss and you quickly walk towards the row, when you use my belly as a trampoline and we roll «fighting» on the carpet, when I get the sleeping you out of the car and carry you upstairs, …

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For your birthday sweetheart, I’d like to give you a few thoughts. You’ll get more than enough presents but perhaps wise advice for when difficult moments come, is worth a lot more. And then I hope that in those moments you will occasionally reread this post.
1. Do good dear and if you can do better, do better. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you can’t do everything right at once and certainly don’t be discouraged if your attempt at doing good is laughed off as a result. An elephant is eaten in small pieces.
2. Be driven sweetheart in everything you do. Or let’s just call it ambitious. Of course you may have crazy dreams and of course you may try to make them come true. But know that here in Flanders ambition is unfortunately not seen as an asset. And that underdogs will have more supporters than winners. But also know dear that there will always be supporters to support you in whatever you do.
4. Make mistakes. There is no better way to learn in life than to make mistakes. And everyone is entitled to their mistakes. Including you. More so yourself you would be denying yourself so much if you let fear rule to avoid mistakes. Dare, jump, fall, get up, collide and bounce on. Take risks, leave your comfort zone and live your life. And know that your daddy and I are standing by to catch you if you fall.