Criadero jack russell madrid

Criadero jack russell madrid

Spanish jack russell

When I decided to breed these dogs, I knew very well the responsibility that comes with it, and it is something that I keep in mind on a daily basis. Of course, my goal is not to be a dog seller, I want to contribute to the «improvement» of the breed.
I am a breeder. I strive every day to fulfill this commitment that, freely and without necessity, I have acquired. As a Jack Russell breeder, we study each crossbreeding to improve my puppies with each new litter.
Around 2011, I got my hands on a Jack Russell puppy (Heartily Super Altajara Man). This dog, captivated me with his wonderful character, and made me fall in love with the breed and …. changed my life.

Jack russell kennel madrid

My passion for animals, led me for a long time to consider studying something related to them, but life, as I’m sure many of you, led me down another path, my profession being different from the animal world.
In the mountains of Madrid, where my family, my wife, my children and I, have started in the world of JACK RUSSEL TERRIER care with a great illusion, having as an objective to select beautiful and healthy specimens. And to make this possible, we acquired genetically superb samples for our kennel to ensure our goals.

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In its passage through the beauty shows is a dog that does not leave indifferent, shines with its own light, I have come to say that it is too sophisticated to be a Jack, as a criticism. To me he seems SPECIAL.
The cross from which Oliya was born was meticulously studied by our friend Viktoria Adasheva, Stitch was the ideal male for Hazel, as soon as she told me about the cross she had in mind I asked her to please reserve a female for me, the litter was born and we focused on the females which was what we wanted.
The difficulty was in the choice because her sister, Fanta is also really beautiful, two very nice bitches but with different types, as Viktoria wanted a female we decided to let them grow up to decide when their growth was finished, finally we reached an agreement and Oliya came home.
Head and tail high with wide and firm gait. She has a very good quality coat (Broken) the white is clean white and the brown is almost a mahogany red. Fantastic character, gets along well with all dogs, never gets into trouble.


It is a dog similar to a Fox Terrier with shorter legs, about 30 cm tall, dark eyes and slightly sunken, ears drooping forward and wide, wired hair, white coat with reddish spots on the muzzle and body. There are two varieties: smooth and wire-haired.
This breed is very sensitive to sound and movement, and does not respond well when very anxious. Always start training them in quiet places and increase the level of distraction.