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If you are looking for an activity for the whole family, this is Cardio Wall. Lighted panels placed on trampolines will test your reflexes, reaction speed, coordination and jumping precision. Want to play? Follow the rhythm of the lights, click on the corresponding circle and get the highest score. If you like the classic «dodgeball» game, you’ll love Dodgeball Attack! Because playing on trampolines is an element that brings excitement and guaranteed laughter to a classic we all know.
But if you prefer to just jump around, have fun at the Free Jump. This is the star of the trampoline center, with guaranteed fun for the whole family. Come try it and you’ll come back for more! These and many other fun activities await you at this trampoline park.
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How to jump on your ass and knees

The Trampoline Park is the ideal option for all those people from Castilla y León who are looking for a sporting leisure activity in an indoor space, protected from the inclement weather, which is particularly harsh in this autonomous community.
The Trampoline Park at the León Plaza Shopping Center, which has required an investment of 1.6 million euros, has a privileged location in the city center, which makes it more accessible for all those who are looking to enjoy this entertainment, fun and sporting experience without the need for long journeys.

Urban planet arrived and revolutionized las palmas

Test the skills you already have or try the thrill of practicing parkour for the first time without taking risks. Street Jump is ideal to practice jumping over obstacles with the safety of trampolines. But be careful… it hooks!
Lose your fear of jumping into the pool in the foam pit, one of our attractions for the whole family. If you’re wondering what a foam pit is, it’s a pit filled with soft foam cubes that is commonly used to cushion falls in gymnastics training.
Want to know how an NBA star feels when he dunks? In our Slam Basket it’s possible! Play basketball on trampolines and discover that you don’t need to be as tall as a basketball player to get to the hoop. Challenge your friends or other players in our trampoline park and see who has the best shot. The goal is to shoot while jumping. It can be a free throw, but the most fun is to face our baskets and try to dunk.

Leon zawodowiec

Urban Planet opened its doors in September in Sagunto (Valencia) with special offers in all its entertainment options, including a trampoline park, multi-adventure area, zip line, bowling alley and toy library.
To complement this leisure offer, the center has two cafeterias where you can rest and relax after a day of great emotions trying the different activities offered by Urban Planet. A space that breathes excitement and entertainment on all sides, ideal for parties and events with friends and family, being able to compete in spectacular races in the Multiadventure area, bowling competitions to see who is capable of