Bleu perle border collie

Bleu perle border collie

Brown border collie

It is said that the first dogs of this breed appeared between the 5th and 1st centuries B.C., when the Celtic tribes settled in the region of Ireland. Used as a shepherd dog, it became essential for shepherds who, with the passing of time, selected the most valuable specimens taking into account their functionality and resistance to the environment.
It shows an attention and predisposition to work not comparable with other breeds. Lover of work as he is, he stands out in herding where he has no rival, but also in disciplines such as Agility where these qualities make him a star dog.
But it is not only in herding that he triumphs. His attention, his willingness to work and his level of concentration make him the perfect dog for agility, where it is common to see him triumph in most competitions.
In Sádaba (Zaragoza) is located our farm of more than three hundred thousand square meters, where our Border Collies can run and enjoy wide open spaces. We also have an agility track where our Border Collies take their first steps in this discipline and circuits to train our Border Collies with sheep, geese and cows.

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In this section we show the most frequent coat colors in the Border Collie, whose coat can show very varied tonalities, from black and white to red merle, or red merle, passing through blue, blue merle, chocolate-brown, or combinations and variations of these. In any case, and even if from a purely aesthetic point of view, a person may have a preference for one or the other colors -from the most traditional to the most exceptional-, the truth is that it is still an additional factor to consider, among others no less important as the instinct, and the aptitude/attitude for work, essential values for the breed, to which we will add the concurrence of the elements of the standard.
Again, and as it could not be otherwise, genetics plays an essential role, and the concurrence of genes – dominant and recessive – will determine that our dog has a certain coat. The color of the coat, as well as the mucous membranes of our dog is determined by melanin, a pigment that can be of two types: eumelanin and phaeomelanin.

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Finally the day of the mounting of our Bleu Perle Dakota arrived, here you have the photos of the moment of the mounting. Undoubtedly the male «Imhotep of Maranns Home» (Tristan) owned by Juan Ferrandis de Marchant Black, color e-red, Australian golden, stands out for its beauty, son of Champions in the Crufts 2010, Australian lines and genetically free of diseases. Apart from obtaining the best results in Beauty Shows (C.A.C-C.A.C.I.B- Best of Breed) also competes at national and autonomic level in Agility. All the information about the male you can get by clicking «here». Imhotep of Maranns Home (Tristan)Best of Breed C.A.C- C.A.C.C.I.B. 2010Imhotep of Maranns Home (Tristan) competing in Agility

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Once you have done all this and you still want to buy a Border Collie, think if you will be able to give him everything the breed needs. If yes, then consider the different lines of the Border Collie: herding selection (original selection), sport selection (Agility, OCI, etc.), beauty selection. The differences between the selections are very wide (I would give the explanation for another article), you have to look for the one you think is best for you. That is something very personal and that each one has to think about.
From the veterinary and animal behavior world I recommend that if you want to buy your Border Collie DO NOT DO IT IN SHOPS, NOR IN MULTICRIADEROS. Believe it or not, we have already seen several Border Collies in those horrible showcases and crammed with hundreds of puppies of other breeds in industrial warehouses.