Instagram caritina goyanes

Instagram caritina goyanes

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Carla Goyanes has celebrated the christening of her third son, Beltrán, in Madrid. And she has shared photos of the ceremony, as well as the preparations, on her Instagram account.Carla Goyanes receives the discharge and presents her son Beltrán8Christening of Carla’s third son.
Businesswoman and entrepreneur, Carla is a lover of fashion and decoration. With very good taste, she chose the table linen and accessories for the family party organized for Beltran’s christening.Carla Goyanes is expecting her second child2An organized woman
Hours before the meeting, Carla had almost everything ready: extra chairs, drinks, glasses, floral arrangements. She is an organized and foresighted woman. And not a single detail was left to chance.Carla Goyanes and Jorge Benguria baptize their son Carlos1A family party and at home.

The emotion of caritina goyanes for the pregnancy of her son.

She was born in Madrid on November 10, 1977. She is the eldest of Carlos Goyanes and Cari Lapique’s two daughters, granddaughter of the Baroness of Villamiranda. She is the granddaughter of the Baroness of Villamiranda and has a degree in Law, a master’s degree in Stock Exchange and a master’s degree in Communication She is currently the owner of the catering company «Six-Sens», although her company is popularly known as «El catering de Cari».she has been the image of several large-size brands, among others, Couchel, which markets El Corte Inglé She is married to Antonio Matos, with whom she has two children, Pedro and Caritina.
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With a century of life, Carlos Goyanes’ mother has passed away leaving a sad void in all her relatives. She was mother-in-law of Cari Lapique (68), as well as of Pepa Flores -Marisol- (72), whom she welcomed in her home when she married Manuel Goyanes and started her artistic career.
And she continued: «Today we pray for you and I ask others to join in prayers for you, for aunt Myriam, Felipe, Carlos and your brother so that God gives them strength,» concluded Goyanes, along with a publication with several photographs of Cortina.
Today I dedicate the day to my uncle Alfonso who is resting. You are leaving behind a happy life. You managed to form a wonderful family with great values and education and that was really your great success, perhaps more unknown to many. Soon we will be able to say goodbye to you as you deserve. We will miss you. We pray for you today and I ask others to join in prayers for you, Aunt Myriam, Felipe, Carlos and Your brother for God to give them strength. @felipecortina @ccl83 @myriamlapique ❤️ #DEP #RIP

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Hello everyone, how was your Sunday? For me it has been very special because we have had the Step of the Equator of my eldest son…we call this way the step from Primary to ESO…very fun and very exciting! Today I want to tell you about a blog that I enjoy very much and it is It is a very entertaining blog in which Caritina Goyanes tells us things about fashion, her newborn daughter…and how to dress beyond size 38…the truth is that I am very entertained.