Canciones para dedicar a tu ex que aun amas

Canciones para dedicar a tu ex que aun amas

Songs to dedicate to your ex that you no longer love

Ed Sheeran is one of the most experienced people in love, how else can he write such great songs? With «Perfect» you can tell your ex that you will never let her down, let alone give up on getting her back.
Being in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world because you discover a part of you that you thought didn’t exist. «Brillas» is perfect to express what you feel and at the same time get back the person who makes you so happy.
Have you ever been in love with THAT person because you just can’t handle their beautiful self? Well, it has happened to Bazzi and that’s why he wrote «Mine» to get back the most special person in his life. You should do the same and dedicate this song to him.
There’s nothing more painful than seeing a picture with your ex after breaking up with him and Ed Sheeran knew how to perfectly capture his pain with «Photograph», and then find the will to get him/her back.

Songs to get over your ex in spanish

If you can’t find the right words to tell him how you feel or you just don’t want to see him or her, maybe some of these songs will help you express yourself in a better way and say goodbye to the past.
The second goodbye is the one of evolution. At this level you hate with all your strength the one who left you. This may be the most interesting and creative stage, or at least the one in which we give ourselves more encouragement and seek to feed our self-esteem.
It’s time to take out of our playlist Trent Reznor, Garbage, The Planets, Lily Allen and sing out loud these ten perfect songs to put them as the soundtrack of the road to oblivion, where all exes end up.
If you don’t love him even a little bit dedicate him good punk and if you’ve never listened to punk it’s time to do it, to tell your ex that he’s undesirable: ‘Dickhead, fuckface, cock smoking, mother fucking / Asshole, dirty twat, waste of semen, I hope you die, hey!’.
You’re a pretty girl, no doubt you don’t want to lose that title of its girl dedicating Molotov songs, that’s why we give you the perfect option to do it with the sweet and innocent voice of Lily Alllen singing fuck you, fuck you very very much.

Songs when you miss your ex

That’s why I present you a selection of songs to dedicate to ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends and ex people who were once the most important thing in our past, but today, they are just ashes.
If you want to get your exes off with good taste, spend the whole night texting your ex, telling them how much it hurts you that they left you and that they sent you to the forgotten drawer, this is the ideal song to start the drama. It sucks to tell someone you love them and not get a single response or know that even if they say «you’re the most important thing in my life», you’re also going to get a «but we’re better off apart». For those moments, Metronomy is about being uncomfortable, heartbroken and longing for a love that’s barely there, but alas, what a fucking night you’re putting me through.
Forgetting is basically impossible, and whoever says they managed to completely forget a great love is most likely lying. When you get into someone’s life, you bury yourself in them and they bury themselves deep inside you, they leave their remains and roots there. After all, it’s not true love if it doesn’t transform you and when it’s over, even if everything reminds you of it and you carry it inside, you end up being someone else. Or so I want to believe, that a broken heart makes you see things in a very different way.

Songs for a former love who is now a friend

Undoubtedly one of the saddest situations is of course the breakup with the person you love. It is something that leaves us hurting, full of anger, or taking out the crocodile ones at the slightest provocation. That’s why we made you a list of songs to dedicate to your ex that will help you bring out the monster inside you and make catharsis for that ex who dared to break your heart.
«Vas a llorar por mi» by the Mother of all Bands, is the perfect choice for when you are living your grief. Specifically in the anger stage. Who hasn’t felt like telling the person who hurt us what he or she is going to die of? Because he or she did not know how to value the love we gave for him or her. And just like Banda El Recodo says: «Love becomes hate, I proved it with you».
One of the easiest ways to get over a love disappointment is undoubtedly alcohol. And it’s not that we love to go crying from bar to bar about our ex, but it is one of the most effective ways to catharsis. So if «Borracho de Amor» by Edwin Luna y la Trakalosa de Monterrey was your choice, we know you’ll try to forget with the party, just remember that everything in moderation!